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Environmental Consulting Services

Cadenza provides environmental compliance risk identification and mitigation for petrochemical facilities through comprehensive knowledge of federal and state environmental regulations, industry leading best practices, and regulatory enforcement initiatives.

Cadenza helps clients holistically plan, design, and manage sustainable and resilient environmental compliance programs. In this context “sustainable” refers to meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability in the future to adopt change by considering the environmental, economic, and social impacts of the program. The term “resilient” refers to the ability of such compliance programs to absorb disturbance and still retain their basic compliance function and adapt for the better.

Cadenza keeps it simple. Cadenza has a proven track record of engaging regulatory agencies, legal counsel, and environmental non-government organizations to achieve regulatory and business project successes. With deep industry technical and regulatory experience in air, water, and waste, Cadenza can help ensure your firm is operating in compliance with minimal environmental compliance risk.

Practiced in Providing: Environmental Compliance Auditing, Environmental Enforcement Matters, Customized and Site Specific Training, Permitting, Staff Coaching, and Enforcement Negotiations.

Cadenza keeps client costs held to a minimum. Principle, John Wigger, is a professional engineer and recognized industry leader & instructor with over 30 years of experience working in petrochemical facility compliance and remediation arena. Cadenza works to minimize the overall costs of environmental projects and compliance by ensuring the client gains deep understanding of the regulations, obligations, and risk management.

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What does Cadenza mean?

Cadenza is a music term that describes an ornamental passage played by a soloist or subgroup of an orchestra displaying exceptional creative skill. Cadenza is a metaphor for the creative and virtuosic skills this firm can bring to your environmental and sustainability projects.